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Our marketing strategy is our testimonials, nothing beats a good word of mouth marketing and we make sure every client of ours walks out feeling great and confident!

Amazing service!

I have done research to check which is the best clinic in Malaysia and I found that Glojas Smart International is the best because he is qualified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. I am impressed that we have the best doctor in Malaysia. I had done 2 procedures of FUT abroad many years ago but I was not satisfied.  I just did my procedure and I am satisfied with the quality.

Woo, Malaysia

Helped me a lot

I did significant research into clinic in Bangkok and Singapore and decided that Dato’ Dr. JasG clinic in Kuala Lumpur, would be superior – this was definitely the case. Dr. Jas has a marvellous series of exclusive methods incorporated into the transplant procedure and as a real bonus he is a very pleasant man, he exudes confidence

The overall experience was superb, the results look fantastic and I will certainly avail of their services again in the future – I recommend without question, good value.

David, Hong Kong

Super confident

I want to look better because I haven’t started my career yet and I’m already balding. So I’ve done research and consulted a few doctors. I chose Dato’ Dr. JasG because he is a certifies ABHRS doctor. He is a hair doctor with a standard. I see good reviews as well. The price is reasonable and affordable.

Joseph, Malaysia

My hair is now perfect!

was recommend here by a close friend and decided to get in touch with more information including a quotation. Staff very quick to respond although I was not in the country. After doing some research and comparison, I decided to take my hair transplant procedure to Dato’ Dr. Jas as he offered very competitive price and I saw good results from my friend that he had his beard transplant here.

Jason – Malaysia

Worth it!

I had a hair transplant done here. I just ran a search on the WhatClinic.com site and the reviews looked good so I chose them. The treatment was worth the price I paid.

Arvind, South Africa  

Very Professional!

I had my first hair restoration done somewhere else and it was a failure. After 3 to 4 years, I search for another option and found Glojas. I wanted to be consulted by Dato’ Dr. Jas. All I can say is he is very professional and had good planning on my procedure. It was so great that I decided to proceed.

The procedure was way better than my first procedure. It was calming and I was comfortable. It has been months now and I am definitely seeing good result and I know the result is still progressing. I am satisfied! Thank you, Dato’ Dr. JasG.

Syed, Malaysia

Super confident and it was great!

I’ve always wanted to get rid of the fats around my thighs as it really bugs me with the shape and size. I got my consultation done with the plastic surgeon of Glojas, Dr. Mohd Ali. I was very comfortable with his explanation and informed me of the expectation after the procedure. I did and I must say it’s not what everybody thinks about liposuction. Dr. Ali is very gentle.

I am very impressed with the result. The doctors here are very committed to providing the best result for me. I am happy that I am here to enhance my beauty and confidence!”

Sharon, Malaysia  

I got my dream nose!

I always had big nostril, big nose tip. I’m aiming to get an alarplasty done, but after consulting Dr. Mohd. Ali, he had given me the best advice on to achieve a more natural looking dream nose. During the procedure, he was very professional and comforting plastic surgeon. Understands patients, and easy to talk to. It has been a week and my recovery is fast. I’m very happy!”

Faiz, Malaysia  

All fats transferred!

I compared with other clinic even all the way to Bangkok but I prefer to get it done in Malaysia. Dr. Mohd. Ali is a very genuine and professional plastic surgeon. He did my fat transfer as per how I like it. The cost of my procedure is also reasonable and affordable. I’m satisfied and glad I got it done here at Glojas.”


Skin tags no more

I have a number of skin tags in my body but getting it done in Australia is very expensive. I came to Malaysia for a wedding and Glojas is located nearby and they are very efficient in answering my emails. The removal of my skin tags was done with very minimal pain as he was using a laser. My healing period was surprisingly fast. I am definitely coming back to Glojas again!”

Warred, Australia

Perfectly aligned eyelids

I have a problem with my eyes for almost 20 years due to shingles previously. My eyelids are different from one another. I did my research and I feel very confident with Dr. Mohd. Ali as he is a qualified plastic surgeon in Malaysia with many years of experience.

I had the eyelid surgery and a fat transfer to my face, the pain was minimal. I liked the way he handled the surgery.

Tom, Malaysia

Tightened up!

Awesome is the word. I recommend this treatment to all patients especially those who have delivered as it helps to tighten the loose muscles around vagina. I am over 50 years old and very satisfied with the result. I recommend this to all the hot mommas out there.

Suraya, Malaysia

An experience like no other!

I originally did 3 Breast Augmentations (BA) and 4 revision surgeries and had the worst result and pain I could ever imagine. When I found out about Dr. Ali from 5 of my friends who had all gone to him for their BA, 3 had used implants and 2 had undergone fat transfer to their breasts. All of them raved about him. I found that Dr. Ali was very honest and upfront with me about what to expect, especially my case was extremely difficult. I felt comfortable and trusted him, so I did my 4th BA with him.
I am SO HAPPY with everything now, the perfect size, rippling is gone, nipples are centre again, the distance between the breasts is as it should be, and most importantly I had minimum downtime and the scar is very neat!

Sharan, Malaysia

Just wow!

Firstly, Wow! Wow! Wow! Glojas Smart International made me feel very comfortable. The clinic is neat and clean too and the staffs are very professional. I had lip fillers done and the result was seen immediately. I did not feel any pain during or after the procedure was done.

Dato’ Dr. JasG made sure everything went well even after the procedure was done. All the information he gave before and after the treatment were all so true. All my friends are amazed with my results and I absolutely recommend this clinic to everybody as their service and prices are so good.

Claudia, Malaysia

Your smart aesthetic journey begins here!

Your smart aesthetic journey begins here!

Copyright by Glojas Smart International 2019. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Glojas Smart International 2019. All rights reserved.